Sunday, October 7, 2007

Things I say at least three times a day

To Baby Girl-
You need to go potty before you get some pee pee in your pants.
I love you
Because that's what it is
You need to clean up the toys first
Not right now
That song does not belong to you, songs are for everybody to sing.
Share with your brother
That's not ok
Yeah Baby?

To Tiny Boy-
Hi Handsome/Baby
Do you need a new diap?
I love you
Are you hungry?
Are you sleepy?
Stop getting the puppy food.
Do you love your sister?
Don't bite your mama!

I can thing of very few positive things I repeat throughout the day. I guess I should work on that.


Annie said...

LOL! "That song does not belong to you..." That's priceless!

Eva said...

The kid thinks she own any song she likes! If I start singing along to the princess cd in the car she throws a fit. "No! that's my song! I'm Jasmine! Stop singing my song!" It's probably one of the most bothersome things that child does.

Annie said...

Ha ha! That is hysterical. Yay for offspring and the funny things they do!