Sunday, February 28, 2010


Months ago a friend told me about EVMCO.  Zizza came down stairs as I was browsing the web site and I mentioned that there was a choir for kids her size.  She made it clear that she wanted in, but in the bustle of fall I never managed to get her registered but she asked regularly when she got to go to her kids’ choir so when the new session started after Christmas I made sure to sign her up.

She loves it.  I got to sit in on her practice last week.  She walked right in, sat down straight and tall and waited quietly for Brother Stewart to start rehearsal.

Her first concert is coming up.  Of course I’m going, you should come too.


Friday, February 26, 2010


The day I got my kindergarten shots I remember sitting in a room with dim, humming fluorescent lights and orange berber carpet waiting.
Finally there was a nurse in a smaller, dimmer room. I think she told me to count to ten and it would be all done. It must have been true because my memory doesn't mark her a liar.
I seem to recall some talk of my bravery. Most likely I was just too paralyzed with shyness to cry or show any kind of emotion.
I was very tired on the way home. I slipped and slipped until my cheek rested on the brown vinyl (or was it itch blue woven?) seat of the car.
I slept a long time. When I woke up it was nearly dinner time.
My search for playmates led me to the neighbor's house.
There was a vacant lot between our house and the house next door. At the edge of our driveway was a two or so foot drop off to the brambly dirt expanse of the lot. There was an old wooden piece of crate that made a steep and splintery ramp. A very big kid could make the jump from the driveway to the ground below, but I wasn't feeling much like a very big kid just then.
The splinters on the ramp and the barbed weeds that grew abundantly in that lot meant that the way next door was either long or perilous. I wanted to go play with my sister and the neighbor girls, and I had a choice ahead. There were three ways to get there:I could head to the back yard where the transition next door was smooth and grassy, go in the house find shoes and brave the stickery lot, or walk to the end of our driveway and cross the cattle guard so I could walk along the road and up the neighbor's drive way.
This day I chose to walk over by way of the road.
We played "Ring Around the Rosie" there in the neighbor's drive. My arm was so heavy, it was hard to lift it high enough to hold hands. When we let go to "all fall down" it flopped back to my side like heavy, soaked rag.
That's where my memory of the day ends.
Zizza got her shots today. I wonder what she'll remember.

Just happened

We were eating a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and apples. Zizza gobbled up her sandwich right off and, ignoring her apple slices, was staring greedily at the second half of Enzo's sandwich which was still resting peacefully on the serving plate in the middle of the table.
She'd asked no fewer than three times to be allowed to eat it and every request was met with a solid "no." She is sometimes allowed to finish up his share but only if he has no interest in eating it himself. Today he was munching steadily along on his first half so her grilled cheese waste management services were not needed.
She finally despaired of my relenting and changed tactics.
"What kind of a person," she said her sweet voice full of emotion, "wouldn't give a sandwich to a girl who loves sandwiches?"
My reply was heartless "Me, that's who," But she hadn't stopped to listen and continued on with barely a pause, laying it thicker this time.
"What kind of mama would do that?"
"This kind of mama" I told her, pointing to myself.
Then I couldn't hold it in anymore and laughed out loud.
She gave up.
Enz ate up the sandwich and she moved on. That's when Megan, my visiting teacher, showed up with cinnamon rolls.
P-Dub's recipe.
I'm feeling very visited and taught just about now.
I shared the bounty with Ziz right away before she could question the morals of one who when gifted a pan full of warm cinnamon love, dripping with maple glaze and sunshine would fail to share the delight with her offspring. That's a guilt trip I'd rather not take.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

When you’re Three: Enzo’s experience thus far

Three starts out a lot like Two did. This leads me to believe that my mama's going to have a lot of pictures of me sleeping by the time I'm grown up.
When you're three, you make cookies with your friends. We took turns dumping from the little bowls to the big bowl and using the mixer. It was an effective method you might be interested to try.
We made sure to lick the beaters clean which is probably the most important part of the whole excercise.
Mama tried to make letters again. Here's the thing though, I know what letters look like and I know what cookies look like.  Frankly, the stuff that came out of the oven didn’t resemble  either one.  They tasted ok though. 
You spend a lot of time on the phone when you're three. People call to sing to you all day long. I can hardly get anything done anymore.
When you're three your mama lets you pick what to do all day long. If you have a big sister though, watch out.  She might figure out how to work the system. Also, I don't recommend trying to soak your fingers in the same water with your toes. It sounds like a good idea starting out, but it ends in wet pants.
Three year olds have twinner toe nails with their mamas.
When you are three you eat pancakes for dinner, and you get candles in yours because, hello? Three!
Also, you open presents. All tree year olds do this.
Eventually though, you end up back here.

I've been informed that there will be cake involved in this three year old deal. I am looking forward to this.

All in all, I'd say, three is pretty good. You might enjoy to try it for yourself some time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rosy Red Ruffles

Mid-December it came to my attention that Zizza would be needing a new winter dress. I was trying to steer clear of the typical "Christmas dress" feel because I wanted something that would feel seasonally appropriate once Christmas had come and gone.
I asked Ziz what color dress she'd like and she said red. I thought on that, and pitched her my idea: A red knit dress with three quarter length sleeves, a generously flared a-line skirt and fearlessly looping monochromatic ruffles.
She agreed whole heartedly, on the condition that I make the ruffles white like Mrs. Clause.
Apparently we weren't on the same page with the whole "not a typical Christmas dress" thing.
I made up the little dress and she adored it as it was for her first fitting; entirely void of ruffles.
It was rather cute that way with the jewel neck and the generously draped raglan sleeves, but it was cute in a decidedly adult and 1980's way, so I went ahead and put the ruffles on the way I wanted them.
She wasn't pleased with my disregarding her opinion. She nearly reused to wear the dress. But then I introduced her to the little pants I made as a modesty accompaniment to the finished dress and she changed her mind.
Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Why no, my little girl doesn't enjoy posing for the camera at all. Why do you ask?

I do love the ruffles. You'll have to excuse the flashy glare on the next photo, also the schmutz on the dress. They handed out valentine candy at church last week, and I didn't think to re-take the close up-neck ruffle shot after I realized my flash was on and causing a glaring ruckus.

Finally, here are the little pants that saved the day.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with how this dress came out. It worked just the way I planned it. And on the first try too!
I made it out of cotton knit but I teated the knit as a woven, with facings an invisible zipper in the back and a blind hem. So it has ease of wear like a knit with the clean finish of a woven.
The down side is, I didn't properly pre-shrink my fabric.
I made the dress to fall just above her knee, but as you see in the pictures it now barley reaches mid-thigh.
The little pants save the day again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I took a little nap this afternoon. An ill-conceived little nap. The kind where your eyes get so droopy that you just flop down wherever you may be and succumb even knowing you'll regret it.
My arm was not a good pillow.
I woke up scowling.
We had to go outside to combat the sourness of the bad nap. I pulled weeds and they did this.
Zizza's oil slick hair-do is thanks to the liberal dose of hair serum that was part of her self coiffure this morning while I was still abed.
Enzo's bow tie is thanks to this excellent Valentine's day project. They're gearing up for Easter now so don't let the bow tie envy eat you up, just go get one of your own!
Peek-a-boo crazy hair!

My the time my front walk was weeded my forehead had smoothed considerably. There was a slight set back in the de-gumping when Zizza rammed me square in the back with her bike as she attempted to ride it down the narrow side walk where I was sitting surrounded by condemned greens.
There were 2 inches of passing room to my right, which to a five year old new to the art of two wheeling must have seemed ample. She seemed nearly as surprised as I was when her front tire charged full speed into my spine. (she hasn't so much got the steering part down yet)
She saved herself from spending the rest of the day with an angry mother by setting up the tricycle-pool with her little brother, effectively melting my heart, and then holding the adorable scene together while I ran inside for the camera.
She's a good girl even if the tire treaded bruise on my back says otherwise.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Winner!

Is Heather, who was the only person to answer.
You might think that the low number of participants would lead me to give up this annual contest, but you would be wrong. I already have plans for next year.
Congratulations Heather! I'm so glad you've had the pleasure of watching "Thoroughly Modern Millie" I'll be in touch to get you your prize.

The rest of you; I'll be adding a list of reasons why you should watch this movie to this post tomorrow. See you then.

Eight years

We celebrated our wedding anniversary today with a twelve hour the car...with the kids.
It was super duper romantic. Especially the part where we were all piling out of the car at Village Inn in St George UT and Zizza, who had been looking for Holly, suddenly stopped and started whimpering in a too familiar way.
"Does your tummy hurt? Are you going to throw up?" I asked her. When she nodded I seized her, pulling her from the car and lying her face down over my leg as I assumed a Sumo squat to keep both her feet and mine out of the splash zone.
As she finished up the unpleasantness I took stock of my position, wide stance, knees at ninety degree angles, and was impressed with myself for holding that squat as long as I did. I was supporting an extra thirty five pounds of little girl too!
Once I noticed what I was doing it suddenly became very difficult and I had to stand up immediately. It was kind of like those stories where someone is pinned beneath a burning car and a lone rescuer suddenly has the strength to lift the car and drag the person to safety. Only in this case I was saving myself from cleaning puke out of my car or off my shoes...Again.
We can't seem to make that drive without vomit. Enz was the culprit on our way north. Poor boy had to spend ten hours strapped into his pukey car seat. We cleaned it as best we could with what we had, but baby wipes really are not the most effective product for such a job.
Anyway, we're home, the vomit happened in the parking lot where neither Becky, Holly or my unnamed running shoes were splattered thanks to my super human strength, and The Mr and I have spent nearly our entire anniversary no more than two feet from one another. If that's not romance, I don't know what is.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day, I really really do. I discussed it here.
Anyway, I may not have kept things together well enough while preparing for this wedding to post properly about my valentine endeavors, but I did manage a craft or two. Here are some quick photos.

Happy hearts day to you!

Cookie contest the third

I really love this little tradition of mine.
Read over the inscriptions on the holiday cookies pictured below and and guess my cookie decor inspiration. Leave your answer in the form of a comment. The contest will close Monday night. A winner will be selected from among those with the correct answer and will receive a copy of the movie I took the quotes from as a prize!
The top photo is all of the cookies in one shot. The three following photos are closer views to make the deciphering a bit easier

I did some extra research this time and checked to see if the quotes I had in mind popped the answer right up on Google, so it should be a bit trickier to figure this one out if you don't know right off.
Still, don't let that discourage you. I didn't pre-google everything, I got a bit carried away piping sugared syllables and added a few extra quotes last minute.
In the case that no one has guessed right by the time the contest closes, I have one more cookie quote, a dead giveaway, held in reserve. If necessary I'll post that photo and the first person to guess right will win the day.
Good Luck!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'll be back

I really thought I was going to be able to keep up posting during this trip.
I was wrong.
I sewed 2 dresses today and cut 3 skirts.
I have eight dresses to outfit with buttons and holes, one little Moo dress to sew (my sister cut it today) and 3 organza skirts to hem.
The wedding is Thursday.

I carted my giant serger over 2 states just so we could use it to hem these monsters. Today when I set out the thread her up I found that I's failed to pack the power cable/pedal.

I'll see you on the other side of the wedding.