Monday, December 17, 2007

Out of body sewing

This is Baby Girl's flower girl dress. The Bride was generous enough to let me design it, my only guideline was color.
The dress was in my head just waiting, wanting to be made.
I didn't draft a pattern, didn't even draw out the pieces in dissapeaging ink, just picked up my scisors and started cutting. Each piece materialized as I worked. Baby Girl was in bed when I started. I'd been planning to start in the morning so I hadn't even taken measurements but it all fit very near perfectly. The alteration I had to make ( I took in about 1/4 inch at the corners of the neck line) I knew would be needed before I even put it on her. This, friends, is a miracle dress.
The hem is the whole story with this dress. Super simple bodice, fitted raglan sleves, no trim at the waist, then at the hem a 2 inch grow stripe and a pretty pointed lace petticoat just peeking out from under all of that velveteen.
The slip will be a dress of it's own come spring. I'll rig up a little sweater or jacket and it will have it's day in the sun.
I still have not worked out the button situation. I'd really like rheinstone or crystal. I think a little bling in contrast with the old timey vibe I'm putting out with the grow stripe and the lace will be just the thing to finish it off.
I'll let you know what I decide


Mommy's Home!! said...

Oh my gosh!! The word for the ability is "talent". How I wish I could just sit down and put an outfit together like that. AWESOME STUFF!!

Annie said...

Whenever the subject of sewing comes up my mom always tells us about how her mother made the most beautiful clothes for her and her sisters. She even once made my mom a rabbit fur coat, not that a rabbit fur coat is kosher these days, but whenever you talk about the beautiful clothes you make for you little girl I think about that. And about how I wish I could do it, too.