Monday, February 11, 2008


I've always adored Valentines day, even when I was single.
I think Valentines are about love, not romance. If you have a romantic love, then by all means, add in some romance but let's not forget all of the other love that is out there.

I adore to make paper valentine cards. Here are the ones I've made thus far this valentine season.
I made these for the little girls I teach on Sundays. The lesson was "Heavenly Father and Jesus Love me" What a perfect lesson for valentine week. Inside they say "Heavenly Father and Jesus Love _____" Sadly, not a single one of them was at church on Sunday so I'll have to deliver them.
I suppose there's a bug circulating through the 3 year-olds in the neighborhood.

Another of my favorite Valentine activities is decorating sugar cookies. We invite a different family join us every year.
Tonight is cookie night, I baked these up last evening after the children were abed.
That's the best time for sugar cookie baking.
I've hatched some other lovely plans for the week and I hope I can see them through to fruition. Wish me luck and long nap-times!

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Annie said...

I still have that paper Valentine you made me freshman year. "I burn, I pine, I perish." I have many a times tried to copy it since. I was only successful last year.