Thursday, August 14, 2008

So tan you can smell it

Picture this. I am standing beside Dusty Miller buckling seat belts. There is a car parked behind my own. As I am still buckling things the woman in the car opens her door to get out of her car. Suddenly a familiar fragrance washes over me. The scent grows stronger as I open the lift gate to put my stroller away.
I identified the aroma fairly quickly as self tanner, and was trying to figure out how I came to be washed in such a fragrance, alone in a parking lot with years between the present and my last self tanning experience. Then the woman got out of her car and the question was answered.
I climbed in Dusty Miller and drove home while she went into Ulta, presumably to secure more tanning products.


Melissa M. said...

I sure do enjoy how you describe things.

Susan said...

Eew! Now that's tan.