Thursday, January 22, 2009

Handmade Christmas gifts

I really did make some of my gifts, I just never mentioned it. There were a lot of really great things that went on in December that I never mentioned. Anyway here are a few things I made.
The hat is for my brother. I was just crocheting along making an average beanie and then at the last minute I decided to try for a brim. I think it turned out ok for an experimental kind of thing. The only problem with the last minute change was, I did it all while snowed in on Christmas day and I didn't have anything available to me for stabilizing such an after thought. I gave it to him unstabilized at our family party the next day. He even wore it sledding that way. I just made him give it back before I left town so's I could fix it up proper. Here's what it looks like now, Boy. It'll be coming to you soon.

That same brother wanted to give his wife a handmade apron and called upon me for the handmade part. I got it done in plenty of time all except for buttons. The buttons were another after thought kind of a thing and I had nothing in my stash that would do. I kept thinking I'd make it to the store before we left but I didn't so he had to give it to her buttonless.
I planned to measure the neck strap for button placement, and do the button thing while I was in town but that didn't happen. I brought it home with me too. I put the buttons on and here's what it looks like. Thanks to Zizza for the photo.

Now that you've enjoyed my awesome modeling skills. I'll tell you that I also made another one of these in the same fabrics as the apron, gave a handful of hobby horses to various nephews and nieces and that did it for my holiday sewing.


Melissa M. said...

FANCY apron! That stinks that you have to mail gifts after they were already delivered.

Amelia said...

Love it... I want a fancy apron like that. Perhaps I should tell the hubby and have him talk to you for my mothers day gift or somethin' You are awesome... I wish you were closer so I could attempt to learn some of these things from you.

Joe said...
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Boy said...

Oh boy oh boy!!!