Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a girl wants

Zizza occasionally likes to talk about her future.
When she grows up she will be a mama in our house. The Mr and I will move away to Utah to live in a grandma and grandpa house and she, with her baby "Megan," will stay.
She will have my bathroom and my closet with all of my clothes and make-up. She's told me this many, many times.
My new computer was delivered a little while ago. She watched me open the box and plug it in. Then she told me "When I grow up I'll have that computer and you can get a new one."
"So you just want all of my old stuff?" I asked her, "You'll never get any new stuff of your own?"
"Yes" she said, "Except your earrings, you can keep those."
Apparently my earring collection needs work.

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Kakes said...

She is so funny and clever.