Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When life gives you apples, you make applesauce

When I was little there were some key things I expected of, and looked forward to in adulthood . Wearing high heels, staying home everyday instead of going to school, and peeling apples like my mother did, in one long curled strand.
My closet is full of high heels and I love every pair.
I stay home with my babies everyday, though I now look forward to returning to school someday.
And I've been peeling apples that way for years. When Sleepless In Seattle made the method famous, I buckled own and mastered the skill once and for all. I was glad of it yesterday.

And here's the reason for it all;
Gingerbread warm from the oven smothered in fresh homemade applesauce. It doesn't get much better.
I could pretend I spent my whole day making applesauce because my Mr loves it, (he really does) or because making it myself protects my children from the evils of added sugar and preservatives (true). Honestly though, the only thing on my mind when I ordered that box of apples was the gingerbread.
My A/C went out yesterday afternoon as the apple laden pots simmered away on my stove top. The house was so hot I nearly gave up my dream.
I was able to push through and it was so worth it.
I haven't had that treat in upwards of seven years. I don't remember exactly when, but at some point before I was married my mama popped a gingerbread in the oven at just the right time to eat with the applesauce when it was ready and it changed my life forever.
It's memory has stayed with me all this time, coming to the surface in the autumns when apples are plentiful and waiting to be sauced. It might be that long again before I revisit homemade applesauce. It really is a lot of work. But when the day comes, you can be sure I'll have a gingerbread in the oven.


Lauranie said...

mmmmm, that looks SO good!! I love apples, and thankfully so do my kids!! I've never made gingerbread though, gingerbread cookies yes, but actual gingerbread...is it hard? I always substitute applesauce for oil in all of my cake and cupcake recipes...it makes it SO moist!! And it is supposed to make it less fattening...not that that is what I am thinking of when I am about to eat CAKE!! :)

Amy said...

Wow. Just wow. That looks divine. And I almost feel like I can smell it, too.

And thanks for your peaching advice yesterday.

Melissa M. said...

I hope you made a pie out of those peelings...

Kirstin said...

the woman with endless talents. Wow.

Eva said...

It really was good, crazy good.
Gingerbread isn't hard. Just like making any basic cake. I used the recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cook book. You know, the big red and white one.

Lizzie said...

So good!!! There is nothing like gingerbread and apple sauce on a crisp fall day!! (or a boiling hot fall day I guess)

Wendy said...

So, what's your applesauce recipe? It's still apple-picking season out here on the East Coast, and my friend and I have been talking at great lengths about making applesauce. If you have a good recipe, I'd love to have it.

Wendy said...
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Eva said...

Wendy- It's super simple. once your apples are peeled and cored put them in a pot with some water, not quite covered, and cook them to mush.
I did a batch in my crock pot too. I filled it with apples and put in just a cup or two of water and let it go all night.
I help the mush status along with a potato masher, you could puree it if that's what you like but I prefer the chunks.