Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I killed a scorpion in my garage today.

I was taking out the Recycle bin but right behind it where I'd step to get the leverage to tip it for rolling, there was what I thought was a wadded up rubber band.

I didn't want to step on the rubber band so I just shimmied the bin forward a little and tipped it without the added leverage. When I did that, the rubber band moved and I discovered that it was actually a scorpion. I was super glad I'd decided against stepping on it, barefoot as I was.

So I stood there contemplating the scorpion. Do I leave it where it is while I go in to get shoes on so I can kill it? What if it runs away? What if I try to kill it and it charges my bare feet? My previous experience with scorpions tells me they can be wily like that. I thought about balancing on the tricycle while I killed it but I was afraid I might lose my balance.

In the end I just grabbed the garden rake and gave it a good bash. Once I knew it was dead, I went in a called my friendly neighborhood exterminator. Then I cleaned up the corpse and called it a day.


Justine said...

Scary and gross! I am SO glad you decided not to step on the "rubber band"

Just Better Together

Melissa M. said...

You should have just shot it with that wadded up rubber band.

slide said...

My wife the Scorpion Queen!