Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Kids Wrote to Santa

Dear Santa,
I would like a flashlight for Christmas.  By the way, what list am I on?

Love, Zizza

Dear Santa,
I will make a new list for you.

Santa, I know that the scriptures are true! You should read them a lot.

Santa, Now I want to do the list.

I want a blue umbrella and all of the race cars I love I want.  And also a book. And I want to have a new...
some more monster trucks.

I wish I had another cat and can you please give us, our whole family a cat? And dear Santa will you please give me one more thing that's a new notebook when I'm bigger and a new pen?

Love, Enzo

Dear Santa Mrs. Claus,

I love Santa. I love Grandma, and I like love Dada.
I like you. I like Duke, I love chairs, I like books, I like pencils, I like the Christmas tree, I like the ottoman, I love our Christmas tree, I love my bowl, I like our table, I love and ride and ride and ride, go on a train. I love library books, I love making lunch and have a good quiet time.

Love, Moo Moo


Christina said...

I can help with the cat!!!

Christina said...
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Christina said...

Did you hear my evil laugh? I have Enzo for Christmas...Mwa ha ha

Alex Earl said...

Christina, Eva is allergic to cats. So, that would be incredibly evil. :-)

Lizz said...

You got a minimalist, a missionary and lover! How wonderful!!