Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A child's view of food storage

On the way home from Ballet today she says "Mom, sometimes it's ok to eat boogeys" "no," I say, "not really. You should use a tissue" and the conversation continued thusly;

BG. But sometimes, if I don't have a tissue I could just put them in my mouf
Eva. No, it's still not ok to put them in your mouth
BG. (earnestly) But I need a snack! I'm really Hungry!
Eva. (stifling a laugh) Boogeys aren't snacks baby.

Perhapse the most amusing bit of the interchange was the memory it brought to mind.
Once as a child, pondering the universe and the contents of my nose, I remember telling myself "any time I need a snack I can just reach inside my nose and get one!" I was totally unprepared for virus-free snacking emergencies.


Barefoot Cassandra said...

Oh she is so sweet. I remember once in very young life at the Ol' Rolling Meadows, the teacher (perhaps Mrs. Denny) asked if any of us had ever picked our noses, to gently give us a lesson on not doing that any more. Knowing no shame I raised my hand along with all the other kids in the class, Except Jolene Gonzales, who looked at us all with disdain and disgust. And even being a 5 year old I KNEW she was lying.

Eva said...

so smug in her brownie uniform, not raising her hand.