Monday, January 14, 2008

I've ignored my children all day

I read Rebecca. One of my favorite bits was the reference to pregnancy as "starting an infant".
I'll be incorporating that phrase into my vocabulary from now on.
I've only just finished it and and haven't entirely formend my opinion of it as a whole.

We also started South Beach Diet today. I was doing quite well until I was so busy with the book and the ignoring of the children that I burned the dinner. Now I am wishing for a big bowl of cereal and no, salad won't do.


Kakes said...

I've tried South Beach and I HATE it. By day three, I am wanting some carbs so bad that I am ready to eat some tree bark. I recommend "The Abs Diet". There is one standard book, but if you want more detail for women, there is an abs diet for women. It is just basic eating healthy, and it talks about the science of it too which I appreciate. It just seems smart. Makayla picked up the abs diet too and really likes it. However, if you can stick to South Beach, you are AMAZING! And I know those that CAN stick to it, do really well on it. So I hope you can do it!! Best of luck!

Eva said...

I am actually really liking South Beach this time. Last time we did it I was miserable but the past 3 days haven't been bad at all. I just have to remind myself when I want a bedtime snack that I shouldn't do that regardless of what beach I am on.
I am interested in the Abs diet though. I'll definitely look into it.