Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flower girl update

The baby dress is nearly complete. All that's left is to sew on the bow and put a button or hook (I haven't decided which) on the back.
I bound the hem with a super narrow bias binding. I think it's divine. In fact, looking from the bottom up is my favorite view of the dress. That will be ruined once a baby is inside so I plan to compensate by making little ruffled pants to cover the diaper.
Now I suppose I'll meander back to working on the other dress, I haven't done a thing to it since I last posted about my progress.


Mommy's Home!! said...
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Mommy's Home!! said...

LOVE that first photo (of the view of the dress from the bottom). Reminds me of a flower!

Eva said...

Thanks, it's my favorite too.