Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Look what I gave myself. I've been admiring it for a while but since I have a large-ish head I didn't think to do anything more than admire.
Finally a few weeks ago It hit me that hat's are stretchable things. Really I'm fairly ashamed of myself for not thinking of it sooner, and I call myself a costumer! I guess I've been out of the shop too long. It's been five years.
So, anywho I convoed Jane at Glorious Hats and sure enough, it was stretchable and she made me one!
By happenstance it arrived on my actual birthday so I had a surprise even after finding out my gift from the Mr.

Baby Girl stood in as my Hat stand so I could get a photo that showed the hat a little better. She's awful cute but a bit wiggly for a hat stand after all.

A bit of unrelated news here. I am having an issue with links in the body of my text. I intended them to show up in green but it is not happening, they look just like the rest of the text. So until I remedy this, if you read a sentence that sounds like it should have a link but it doesn't appear to, just check and see will you? Because it might. For example, this post has four links in it. Did you see them?


Kakes said...

Happy birthday Emma! I really like that hat. Maybe it is my computer, but the links worked fine for me. Oh and PS, I loved the disco Stu comment. You nailed the answer right on the head. Stu got quite the kick out of your comment too.

Annie said...

Cute hat! And cute hat stand too.

I think the problem with your links is that your visited link color is the same as your text color, which would show up blue to you since you've visited them. But the links I haven't been to ARE green. Perhaps that's the problem?

And, Happy Birthday!

Melissa M. said...

You look marvelous in your new hat!

Eva said...

On my computer links I haven't visited are text color and links I have visited are green. Weird, but I guess if you all can see them I won't worry about not seeing them myself.