Thursday, November 27, 2008


That's me. I'm a liar. I said I was going to report on my holiday cooking and I'm not going to. Instead I think I'll pose a question for you.
If you were a little girl and you received a unicorn hobby horse, wait, we need to pause for a second.
Do you know what a hobby horse is?
I've always assumed people knew what they are. You know what a jack in the box is, right? How 'bout a top? A yo-yo? Anywho, I've come to know that there are a lot of folks out there who don't know. If you fall in that category, swing by here to find out.
Back to my question. So, if you were a little girl and you were gifted with a unicorn hobby horse on which to ride, a unicorn with a creamy white coat and a golden horn, what color mane would you want her to have?
I've asked a few people and the suggestions I've received so far include variegated pastel, and purple (I'm thinking pastel again here) I also have the tan laced with golden threads I used for the hair on my Baby Girl doll a while back. That idea appeals to me but I think it might be a little to mellow/understated for a little girl.
What say you?


AnnieBJ said...

I was going to say gold, but I like the tan with the gold too. What color is the harness/rein thingy going to be?

Eva said...

It is my opinion that unicorns should be unbridled.
Think about it, when have you seen a unicorn ridden any way but bare back?

Melissa M. said...

I think it should match the tail.
And maybe the tail should be rainbow colored (didn't rainbow bright have a unicorn, and wasn't it's hair all rainbow colored, am I making this up?)

Susan said...

I would tend to lean towards the tan with gold, but it is a unicorn we are talking about here and I am no longer a hobby horse/unicorn riding opinion onsuch things expired say 20 some years ago...better make it pink or purple.