Sunday, May 3, 2009

For Sophie

I got to make the dress for a baby to blessed in. That's what I took time off wedding sewing for.
Here it is


It's two pieces. The simple satin dress;

And the lace jacket


There's not much I find prettier than a neat and narrow rolled hem. The sight makes my soul purr.

And finally, because I like the insides of clothes as much, if not more, than the out sides.


French seams and quarter inch bias binding...brings a tear to my eye.


Amy said...

It's incredibly lovely, Emma.

Barefoot Cassandra said...

Tis lovely Ev.

Megan said...

that is gorgeous!

Melissa M. said...


Kakes said...

Simply breathtaking.

Annie Get Your Camera said...

Its gorgeous! And I love the photos, especially that last one.

Eva said...

Gosh, thanks everybody.
Compliments never get old do they?

Anonymous said...

That is SO beautiful!!