Friday, August 14, 2009


I went to a girls only movie night last evening. The film was the BBC's Jayne Eyre.
It changed my life.
Not in a super meaningful principle altering kind of a way. Just in that if I don't have the privilege of watching the film from time to time throughout the remainder of my life, I'll be dissapointed.
I'm particularly keen on this scene. I've watched it something like seven times today.

Mr. Rochester...(sigh)


Barefoot Cassandra said...

Oh Ev, I love this movie/ scene also! Ditto on all you said. Mr. Rochester...mmmmmm

Amelia said...

Ahhh... I haven't seen this yet.. I need to watch it. Where can I find it? How have I missed this one?

Annie Get Your Camera said...

I am no reading this because of you. Some day I'll watch it.