Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Zizza

I fell in love with this skirt ages ago when I saw it on Sugar City Journal. I've been planning a blatant copy cat effort ever since. You'll have to excuse me for not linking to the direct sugar city post, it was quite a while a go and it would take ages for me sifting through their archives to find it.

You might notice that I haven't stitched around the appliqu├ęs. I started the project the morning of our photo engagement so after fusing them to the skirt I called it good enough and left it. That will be my first order of business when I get back to my machine.

With the bird skirt I wanted a nice, neutral sweater. I wasn't picky. It could be gray, brown, tan, cream, I wasn't sold on pure white but my mind was pretty open.
Friends, I could not find one. I did finally find a nice pink sweater which I was happy with. Pink works fine as a neutral in Zizza's wardrobe. She was thrilled with it and put it on at the first mention of dressing for pictures. Then, after all that trouble, she ditched it after the first click of the shutter.


George Kelly Art Docents said...

Oh, that is so adorable!!! I'm going to go scroll through your pictures, I'm dying to see your cute little girl!

George Kelly Art Docents said...

(this is Lynne from Sugar City, by the way; I didn't realize I was logged in on my art blog :) )

melissa said...

Oh I love your skirt! So beautiful! Thanks for all your kind words about us! Have a great day!

Eva said...

Lynne- I've just realized how deficient in Zizza pictures it is around here. You may have been scrolling for a while.

Melissa- thanks for providing the inspiration.

Lauranie said...

LOVE it!! So sweet, and great job on cutting the birds, very neat and clean!! :)