Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paint: Grrrr!

I am ready to start painting stripes on my table. Or I would be if I could get it smooth. I should have spray painted the base color...but I didn't so now I am dealing with the ramifications.
When I look straight down and the table top, it is lovely.

But when I look from the side...

Anybody know how to make that smooth and pretty?
As of now I am moving on to the leg stripes. I can come back and readiness the smoothness of the table top later after y'all give me some advice.

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Amelia said...

I will ask the hubby, he is the paint expert. He painted chica's dresser once but I think he originally used spray paint and it takes a ton of cans. Then he did some shelves... he used a brush and a can of paint on that. We found a additive you buy and mix into the paint that causes it to be more smooth and helps avoid the brush marks because it settles. I will ask him what it is called. You will want to make sure you put some clear coat I think it is polyurethaine on top so that it doesn't chip or scratch as easily.