Friday, April 30, 2010

dress to skirt again

This dress was waiting for me at Goodwill last time I went for half off Saturday.
Tacky no? There's not a figure on earth that would be flattered by that halter top. Unless of course your definition of "Flattered" is "droopy sag" in that case, I still have the discarded bodice of this dress. I'd be glad to send it to you.

Lopped off the top, inserted a facing and the tackiness became quirkiness. Well, maybe it's still tacky but now it's tacky that I like.
I think the classic lines of a straight high waisted skirt balance out the loud pattern like a poorly executed droopy-bust halter and hoochy-mamma front slit never could.
Speaking of the front slit, I remedied that unfortunate situation with the placement of a contrasting box pleat.

The photos would have been much better if I'd waited to take them until I had access to shoes, accessories and possibly a more interesting top, but I am impatient and there's no telling how long Little Moo will nap barring the way to my closet.

There you have it, stark photos of my most recent sewing venture.


Annie Get Your Camera said...

Love this!

Alisa said...

Both of your dress to skirt projects are so nice! Way to go, and so thrifty too.

Mom of three said...

Very cute skirt. The box pleat is a nice touch. I love it when a thrifting project turns out so nice. Agreed on the drooping halter. Not good.

inday_adin said...

I love the skirt.. You did good turning the dress to skirt. :) I too have a lot of things to reconstruct. :)

Kateka said...

Adorable. You have a perfect figure.

Andrea @ said...

Love it. It is really cute as a skirt!