Thursday, July 7, 2011

Popsicle day week 4

This week we made green apple pops with this recipe. My opinion? They taste more like lime than apple but I'm a big fan of lime so that works for me.


Want to hear something amazing? Not only did I use a recipe, I followed the whole thing. Well, almost. After you blend it all up the recipe directs to strain out the apple pulp and freeze only the juice. I was going to skip that step because I tent to like pulpy popsicles but instead I decided to do a comparison. I made one pop without straining and then strained the rest and served the resulting pulp to the kids as applesauce. Really smooth sugary applesauce. They liked it. I ate the pulpy-pop but I haven't tried a strained one to compare.


slide said...

I still need to try one of these. I love stuff that is apple, but I have never tried FROZEN apple.

Irina said...

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