Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My house smells awesome

I made cinnamon rolls today.  I used P-Dub's recipe except I prefer brown sugar and cream cheese frosting to the white sugar and maple glaze she uses so I did that instead.  They are lots of kinds of good.  I have to tell you, that dough smells divine.  The rolling process was especially enjoyable because the warm sweet yeasty aroma wafted so pleasantly.

Less pleasant was the part near the end when my finger got in the way of my super sharp slicing knife after which, I had to spend thirty minutes with my hand elevated to stop the bleeding thus making me late for the remainder of the day.

Zizza thought I must be overreacting. "How did you cut yourself with a butter knife?  A butter knife is just a regular knife.  They're not even sharp.  I don't know how you could cut yourself with a butter knife,"

She said all of this while I was at the sink washing sugar and blood out of my finger and groan-screaming.  You know, a long sustained "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," but not real loud and sort of guttural.  After a minute as my vocal reaction subsided her monologue started to wear on me and I managed to growl out "It's not a butter knife, I use it to spread butter but it's not a butter knife and it is very sharp." Then I betook myself to the bathroom  where I attempted to staunch the bleeding long enough to get a bandaid on.  It took a while.

The good news is; only two puny end of the roll-rolls were involved in the accident.  The rest were safely nestled in pans far out of contamination's way.

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Barefoot Cassandra said...

I make these too. I have halfed the recipe. It makes more than I need (not want) if I am not giving them away. I did the white sugar and was pleased with the results. Every batch I have ever made, besides this one, has has the problem of most the sugar, cinnamon mixture leaking out. I don't know if it was the white sugar, but was pleased.
Also I did the maple glaze, sans coffee. But next time want to do the cream cheese on some.

Maybe after my half marathon I'll make some and send a lot to the MTC for Meg. Though she will get the maple. She loves maple.