Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Remember how I wasn't going to post pictures until everybody was dressed and coiffed?
I lied, or changed my mind anyway.
Have you ever seen a more adorable ghost? If you have, I'm going to need for you to lie and say "no"

Now it's time for truth. As much as I love the pointy head, I'm afraid it looks at bit too Klann-ish. Should I round it off?

One more thing, do I leave his pink little face, or do I paint it white?

Please advise.
Now I've got to go squish some little ghostie cheeks.


AnnieBJ said...

Yes, it definitely looks Klannish. :( Sorry!

And paint his face white. With black around the eyes. That's the traditional ghost face painting, right?

Can't wait to see Jane!

slide said...

Yes...he looks like he might shop at the KKKMart. Maybe with face paint it would look better though.

Barefoot Cassandra said...

I like it! I didn't even think of that till you said something, but if you fear repercussions from the point, by all means, round away. What is New One being?

Amy said...

I'm going to cause a controversy here with a big ol' "no"! I love the pointy top. He looks very much like a ghost. And I don't even need to lie to say it's the cutest ghost costume I've seen.

Tazia said...

I would have to aggree with the last comment, I say no to rounding it, the top is so cute, and I also didn't think anything about the KKK until you said something. I think it looks like the cutest ghost ever. And with painting his face you really could go either way, you should ask him, maybe he will have a good answer.

Melissa M. said...

The KKK pointed top is the whole top of the head. Tiny's is perfectly in the back of his head as a ghost's head should be.
I'm on the fence with the face painting...you should try it out and see if you like it.
That is the CUTEST ghost costume I have ever seen! Is he working on his "Boo"?

Kakes said...

Honestly, I didn't think it looked Klannish until you said it. I think maybe just a titch shorter would do just the trick. I think I like his face as it is, not painted white.

Kakes said...

Oh yeah, and I have NEVER seen a cuter ghost than him. Ever, ever, ever.

Anonymous said...

Are ya'll retarded? it looks like a kkk member