Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have finished my first Halloween project. It's about time too, I started this monster at the beginning of September. It's amazing what can happen to your project time line when someone drops off a newborn at your house.
Without further ado, Here it is. The Elephant.

The legs won't be quite so bunchy on the child it's made for. Baby Girl is a full head shorter than her cousin, so inside those elephant legs she's standing on her dinosaur feet stompers.

Thanks to those bad boys she could only just balance in the get-up. Most of the time she had it on was spent like this

Of course when Baby Girl took off the head, Tiny had to try it on.

He tried the stompers too.

Here's what it looks like under that gray hide.

This photo was taken six weeks ago when the nephew came over for a fitting, my plan was to finish it up by the end of that weekend.
Oh well, it's done now!


Mommy's Home!! said...

WOW!! That is the coolest costume ever. You are SO talented - AMAZING!

AnnieBJ said...

Ell-if-I-know! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!! Oh so funny!

Amazing! I love it!

Amy said...

That is phenomenal. Your talent stuns me.