Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've been thinking," said Zizza, "about what I'm going to name my kids...I mean when I grow up."

This was about a month ago. The name she had in mind? Aurora

Today she told me she made a new friend. A friend named Georgia "Oh, I really love that name," I told her. "yeah," she said "I do too it's on the list of names for my kids."

The earliest I can remember thinking about baby names I was around eleven years old. I wanted twin girls called "Spring Rain" and "Summer Breeze." Zizza's taste in names is much better than mine was.

Ziz is named after the Mr's Grandma. She hates her name and forbade anyone use it. So, we asked her, "Grandma, if you had picked for yourself what would your name be?" and crossed our fingers that it would be something we liked.

"Well," she told us, laughing, "when I was a little girl I thought someday I'd name my baby Virginia." Oh dear, I wasn't keen on Virginia even as a middle name. Luckily, Grandma wasn't done talking yet. She said truly if she had her wish she'd bear her mother's name. So that's how Zizza wound up with her great great grandmother's name. Which. I'll have you know was neither Spring nor Summer.


slide said...

Ah, little Breezy, such a sweet little girl.

Juice said...

Oh my gosh! I remember you talking about those names. :)

Juice said...
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