Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Baby girl is ecstatic that I have "bracelets" on my teeth. She wishes my teeth bracelets had jewels like Aunty Lizz's though. I'm not sure what she means by jewels on her auntie's bracelets. My memory tells me they are just your average bracelets, but apparently hers are better than mine.
I am sitting here waiting for my mouth to hurt. Right now it just feels weird and I can't close my lips without using my hands.
According to the woman at the orthodontist's office, who it turns out is my neighbor, I have about 55 minutes to go before the pain sets in.


slide said...

Nice! Looking forward to kissing you with my furry face.

Melissa M. said...

Yes my friend, the pain will come. It's more of a soreness, nothing you can't handle.
Best wishes!

Annie said...

Bracelets, ha ha! I echo the "best wishes" sentiment! How long do you have to have them?

Eva said...

I have them for a year. This morning they were honest to goodness sore. Luckily I have a good store of heavy duty ibuprofen left from child birth.