Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I did it!

I pushed through and got it done. Let's not compare the amount of time I spent avoiding the project to the time I spent actually working on it.

Here she is

I got her all dressed and took her picture before I noticed she didn't have a face.

There, that's better.

She's at her new home now. Hopefully her head didn't flop over as soon as I left.


Melissa M. said...

Well it just goes to show that not enjoying a task doesn't mean the outcome will be unenjoyable because that dolly dress is inspired!

Aubrey said...

I'm married to Cassie's cousin Travis, and she told me you had a "natural" birth. I'd love to hear all about, if you don't mind sharing... You can email me at,

Aubrey said...

I am Kateka's cousin on the the Jeppson side, and I just have to say, browsing through you blog just makes me wish I could sew SO much! You make it look and seem so effortless, and the things you make are so pretty, they look like they came straight from a fancy retailer! I wish I had learned to sew growing up like you, my mother-in-law is quite the seamstress as well, I wish she lived closer so I could take some lessons! Keep it up!

Eva said...

wow, thanks!