Monday, April 28, 2008

Romper Results

Remember this project?
Here is the first one. The neck is too wide and the sleeves too narrow but it is still pretty cute on a chubby little boy.
I figured out pretty early on that I'd cut the neck too big but there's not fixing that. I carried on with the project in spite of my error so I could get the rest figured out for the blue one. Once the collar was on, the wideness of the neck didn't bother me so much, it would look awful that wide on a man, or even a bigger boy, but since he's a baby it slides by. You wouldn't after all want to choke such a wee lad with too tight a collar.
I think I'll take the sleeves out and start over. I still have a whole man-sized sleeve left to work with so I might as well get it right.
Please excuse the rumpled appearance of the garment in the photo. He wore it to church before I photographed it and I found myself too lazy to iron it a second time.


Melissa M. said...

That turned out great! You have the best ideas.

melissa said...

That is so adorable. I love how you used an old shirt. I'm constantly cutting up my husband's old work shirts for various projects. But this project is certainly a winner. I can't wait to see your blue one too!

Annie said...

I am very impressed! That is so cute! What a great idea!