Friday, February 20, 2009

Improve the Shining Moments

I've been storing bottled fruit under the crib in Enzo's room. Turns out, that was a mistake.
I guess the real mistake was getting a bottle out while he was watching. That happened a month or two ago and since then he'll occasionally bring me a bottle. I tell him "no," and put the bottle away and that's is for a few weeks when he brings another bottle.
From what Zizza tells me, today he got out a full dozen and stacked a few like blocks.
Want to hear the best part of this story? I got the peach mess under control and when back to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner. While I was thus occupied, Enzo pooped his pants, reached in and grabbed a handful and came down stairs to give his pop a welcome home hug.
The poo-hug was well appreciated you can be sure.
I don't think I would have survived these shining moments had my Mr. arrived home any later.


Kakes said...

This is so (sad albeit) hilarious!! But I am so glad it wasn't me. :) I love hugs, but poo hugs I am pretty sure I'd hate.

Boy said...

Wow... I suddenly don't feel quite so bad about being peed on yesterday.

Melissa M. said...

Just goes to show, there is always someone who is worse off than yourself (and by "yourself", I mean me).

slide said...

I guess you didn't get to see me drag the boy into our bathroom and hose him off in the bathtub. He didn't like that too much, but it was a little therapeutic for me.