Tuesday, February 3, 2009

please advise

I have one of these beds. I really like it a lot. We bought it for Zizza when she graduated the crib.
But here's the problem. We moved her into the guest room where she now sleeps in what was the guest bed. It's time for Enzo to move it on up from the crib but the minnen bed is just so darned girly!
When we bought the bed we thought it would stay with Zizza, so we didn't consider it's girlyness a negative. Things didn't pan out that way though, so a negative it has become.
Help me folks, what can I do to boy this thing up? I thought of completely slip-covering it but honestly, that's plain too much work.
Will putting boy bedding on it work or will it just look like boy bedding on a girl bed?


.::still blinking::. said...

I think it will look girly no matter what you do. Sell it and get a new bed.

Like this.

also seen here:

It can have a mattress on the floor and one up above in a box.

Or you can flip it upside down and it will be like a canopy bed with one box in a mattress.

RubyVillain said...

I think you could make it look masculine if you cover the little swirly parts on the sides or figure out something to change them. On how to do that, I have no idea, as I am not creative. But you could totally do it. I'm always amazed at how innovative you are.

Eddie and Brenda said...

If anybody could do this task...it's you! I love to read about your adventures and see your creations! You sure have a cute family!

Barefoot Cassandra said...

Perhaps if painted and swirly's covered up it could be boy-ish.

Amelia said...

If you covered the swirly paterns on the sides It would be fine. I am brainstorming on some ideas on how to cover those up, I have a couple of ideas starting in my head but have to think about them for a bit.

Likely said...

I agree with most here that the swirls are what make it seem a bit girlish. I think the swirls could be wave-ish or vine-ish though. If you think about painting the bed, maybe you could do a funky green and with some funky bedding it could totally work.

Likely said...

also, it seems like I am seeing a screw on the side there.... are the swirlys removeable???? Can you unscrew them?

Melissa M. said...

I would take out the swirls too. Use a little hand saw and just sand down the rough edges. I would leave it white, and just put really MANLY bedding on it (like choo choo trains or teddy bears :)

Susan said...

My vote...be practical and leave it. Buy the boy bedding and be done with it. It will be years before he cares. It would be a shame to drastically change such a beautiful bed. You'll need it again for a girl soon enough.

Trying to not be a downer. :)

...though I still may be bummed about logging on to see your beautiful doll only to hote that I was too late for the auction and then further note how much she went for and know that I couldn't afford her anyway. Phia is amazing and Justin and I are both taken with her. I can't even imagine what would have thought. You are amazingly talented.

Kakes said...

I am far from domestic, but if it helps, I thought the little things up by the pillow (on the side) resemble the profile of a car.... ??

Jodi said...

You could make the swirls into bugs, balls, or cars - the talent you have with material and thread I am sure you could come up with something. They could be the trailing of anything really.