Monday, November 2, 2009

I am (apparently) the luckiest

Remember when I entered this giveaway? I never expected to actually win it. That's why, in my entry post I mentioned making it myself.
Turns out I didn't have to go to the trouble.

Because I won.

And little miss sassy pants (skirt) here didn't have to be cajoled into wearing it either! I actually had to hold her off until I was ready to take her picture in it.

Thanks, Kathleen We love it!

p.s. When your knee socks stop three to four inches below your actual knees it may be time to invest in some new ones. Wouldn't you say?


Annie Get Your Camera said...

Holy cow! You've got the luck in your veins! First PW and now this... Wish I were you! She looks adorable. Love the sass in that last one!

Jessica said...

Congrats! Those are adorable!

Lauranie said...

I love the ruffles!! This is a fabulous outfit!! And that picture...magazine-worthy!! She has got the "bored model" look down! :D

Ellie said...

so cute! I love the outfit and the pics!